Can you say this with certainty...?
"My children are well rested and so am I."

Didn't think so .... but not to worry, I've got the solution ...!

I find that well intentioned parents and trendy looks are creating

 'behavioral issues' that can be easily prevented.  

My specialized techniques are not 'one size fits all'.

We diagnose each space very carefully and come up with  

a Sensory Prescription best suited for your needs.

I love fulfilling my life's mission by providing assistance and guidance for children and their parents so they can enjoy a happier and healthier life ...!

We work mostly by referral and our findings are confidential.

We thank you in advance for sharing this information with friends and family ...!

Serving Dallas & Collin County locally doesn't stop me from working successfully with out of town families.  Please ask us how.

Sensory Interior Design
Smooth Transitions & Sharp Results

Carolyn Feder, Founder & Owner


Chaos = Reaction                                             VS                                              Order = Response 

Every single detail is taken into account when designing for children with sensory issues. 

This room served as a playroom as well as a space to provide various  therapies. 


Too many distractions were causing a multitude of problems.


The lighting, all shapes, colors, finishes, textures and placement were carefully planned to provide a practical space that conveys peace and sensory balance.

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Sensory Interior Design 2019/20

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